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Krogh's History

Built in 1927, the building now known as Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub was
the first commercial building in White Deer Plaza. It was originally the Tea Room and

Gift Shoppe.

The private community of Lake Mohawk opened on June 26, 1927 with a young, 
full-blooded Mohawk woman named
Princess White Deer in attendance.

The plaza was named after Princess

White Deer and the lake was 

named in honor of her tribe. 

Sometime after the Tea Room and Gift Shoppe existed in 1927, the building became known as The Seneca Shoppe.

The Seneca Shoppe then became known

as the Sagamore Restaurant,

as shown here from the boardwalk.

And then the Sagamore Restaurant

became known as the Sagamore Inn.

At the end of Prohibition, Carl Malmquist created a tavern and a meeting place
for residents and visitors to eat,

drink and socialize. The Sagamore Inn

became the Carl Malmquist Restaurant.

In 1937, Frede Krogh purchased Carl Malmquist Restaurant and Krogh's
Restaurant & Tap Room was born!
During the 1940's, Mrs. Krogh

established the restaurant as one

of the finest in New Jersey. As

Mrs. Krogh aged, the food faded,

but the bar expanded, and thus

began the era of the “Rowdy

Krogh Bar!” In 1973, Mrs. Krogh

sold Krogh's Restaurant & Tap Room,

better known just as Krogh's Restaurant,
to Ed & Alice King and George & Missy Dykstra. Food became a priority

again, but the business was sold in

1981 to Bob Fuchs.

Bob Fuchs and head chef, David Carl Cooper, made history as they established the first

state-of-the-art brewery to Sussex County
in 1998. At this time, the establishment was renamed to Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub, serving handcrafted beers and a diverse

selection of food with a concentration

on fine customer service.

We have portrayed the history of Krogh’s

as accurately as possible, but we believe there’s more to it than this! If anyone has information regarding Krogh’s history or Krogh’s memorabilia, we’d love to hear

from you!

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