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Food Menu

Our Dinner Specials



- dinner entrées served with your choice of soup or salad -

14 oz NY Strip Steak with a Port Wine Blue Cheese Compound Butter
served with roasted fingerling potatoes and vegetable du jour


Suggested Pairing:

Josh Cellars Craftsman Cabernet Sauvignon / 11.00 glass / 40.00 bottle


Mediterranean Marinated Lamb Rack topped with Tzatziki Sauce

served with roasted fingerling potatoes and vegetable du jour

half-rack 28.95 / full-rack 33.95

Suggested Pairing:

Julia James Pinot Noir / 10.00 glass / 38.00 bottle

Pistachio-Crusted Black Bass

served with rice pilaf and vegetable du jour


Suggested Pairing:

LaCrema Monterey Chardonnay / 10.00 glass / 35.00 bottle

Rigatoni with Grilled Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach

in a Pink Vodka Sauce


Suggested Pairing:

Proverb Pinot Noir / 9.00 glass / 30.00 bottle


Starters & Snacks

Krogh's Famous Nachos

Regular 9.95 / Large 13.95

Monterey Jack, American Cheese and jalapeños;

served with sour cream

Krogh's Nachos Supreme

Regular 11.95 / Large 16.95

Monterey Jack, American Cheese, salsa, diced onions,

tomatoes, bell peppers, black beans and jalapeños;

served with sour cream

Krogh's Nachos El Grande

Regular 12.95 / Large 17.95
Monterey Jack, American Cheese, diced onions, tomatoes,

bell peppers, Beef & Bean Chili and jalapeños;

served with sour cream

-N A C H O  A D D I T I O N S-

Guacamole 3.00 / Sour Cream .50 / Jalapeños or Raw Onions .50

Extra Nacho Cheese Regular 1.50 / Large 3.00


Krogh's Famous Wings with Blue Cheese & Celery

Half Dozen 10.95 / One Dozen 16.95

Choose One Sauce / Additional Sauce .50

BBQ / Smokin’ Buffalo / Sriracha Honey Glaze / Sweet Thai Chili

Want your wings ATOMIC? 1.00 Extra

Krogh's BBQ Dry Rub Wings with Blue Cheese & Celery

Half Dozen 11.95 / One Dozen 17.95

Fried Chicken Tenders

11.95 / With House Fries 15.95

Choose One Sauce / Additional Sauce .50
Honey Mustard / BBQ / Smokin’ Buffalo / Sriracha Honey Glaze / Sweet Thai Chili



Krogh's Fries

House Fries 5.95 / Sweet Potato Fries 7.95

Sparta Fries


topped with our house-made mushroom-onion gravy and melted Mozzarella Cheese

Beer-Battered Onion Rings


thick-sliced and served hot in a metal bucket

Potato Skins with Sour Cream

Broccoli Cheddar or Bacon Cheese 13.95


Tater Tot Kegs with Sour Cream


five over-sized tater tots stuffed with bacon, melted Cheddar Cheese and chives

Soft Garlic-Parmesan Pretzel Sticks with a Welsh Rarebit Sauce


soft, warm pretzel sticks served with Welsh Rarebit Sauce,

a sharp Cheddar Cheese sauce made with our handcraft beer

Mozzarella Sticks


served with a side of our tomato-basil sauce





House-Made Soup du Jour

5.95 Bowl


Tomato Beef

6.95 Bowl

ground beef in tomato soup with a hint of tarragon

French Onion

6.95 Bowl

with a large crouton and baked Muenster Cheese

Beef & Bean Chili (GF)

6.95 Bowl
our house-made, well-spiced chili, a house staple

Cheese 1.00 / Jalapeños or Raw Onions .50




House Salad

Regular 5.95 / Small 4.00

Mesclun greens, carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, tomatoes and croutons

with your choice of dressing

Harvester's Salad (GF)


baby kale and arugula blended greens with toasted pumpkin seeds,

red onion,​ sliced Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries and Goat Cheese

tossed in our Mustard Champagne Vinaigrette

Caesar Salad


Romaine lettuce, croutons and our Caesar Dressing with garlic and shaved Asiago Cheese

Chicken Cobb Salad (GF)


grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, blue cheese, crumbled bacon,

hard-boiled egg, tomatoes and sliced avocado with your choice of dressing

Chicken Fiesta Salad


grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, pickled red onions,

diced avocado and black beans topped with Cheddar Cheese,

tortilla strips and our Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette

-S A L A D  D R E S S I N G S-

Creamy Garlic & Herb (House) / Oil & Vinegar / 1000 Island /

Balsamic Vinaigrette / Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette / Mustard Champagne Vinaigrette /

Creamy Blue Cheese 1.00 extra / Crumbled Blue Cheese 2.00 extra /

Extra Dressing .50 extra

-S A L A D  U P G R A D E S-

Grilled or Cajun Chicken 5.00 / Chicken Tenders 5.00 / Grilled Steak 9.00 /

Four (4) Grilled Shrimp 7.00 / Four (4) Veggie Falafel Balls 5.00



served with slaw


Chicken Caesar Wrap


our Caesar Salad with grilled chicken

Veggie Falafel Wrap

our house-made falafel with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and cucumber with Tzatziki Sauce

California B.L.T. Sandwich

bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo with the addition of avocado slices
served on your choice of bread

Cuban Sandwich


sliced pepper ham, mojo-marinated pork, Swiss Cheese, spicy mustard

and bread & butter pickle chips​ pressed on a ciabatta

Steak Sandwich


sliced 8 oz red wine marinated pub steak topped with sautéed onions

and Swiss Cheese on a toasted ciabatta

Corned Beef Reuben Panini


sliced corned beef, Swiss Cheese and sauerkraut

on pressed rye bread with a side of 1000 Island

Turkey Brie Panini


sliced turkey, baby kale, fig jam, Brie Cheese and red onion on pressed sourdough



Grilled Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches

served on a brioche roll with house fries, greens, tomato and a pickle / gluten-free roll +2.50

Burger or Chicken Sandwich

Regular 13.95 / With cheese 14.95

Cajun (HOT!)


sautéed onions, peppers and American Cheese



sautéed mushrooms with Muenster Cheese



Brie Cheese and bacon slices with garlic aioli

Welsh Rarebit


open-faced with our Welsh Rarebit sauce,
a sharp Cheddar Cheese sauce made with our handcraft beer

Krogh's Harvest Veggie Burger


our house-made vegan burger contains lentils, cannellini beans, carrots, butternut squash, kale, quinoa and oats

served with a side of our garlic aioli

-E N H A N C E M E N T S-

Cheese 1.00 / Blue Cheese 2.00

American / Muenster / Swiss / Mozzarella / Monterey Jack / Cheddar


Bacon Strips 2.50 / Welsh Rarebit Sauce 4.50 / Sautéed Peppers 1.00 / Sautéed Onions 1.00



Personal Pizzas


have it your way with your choice of toppings or try one of our seasonal selections

Cheese Pizza


tomato-basil sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese

Grilled Chicken Pizza

grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, red onion and Mozzarella Cheese

over tomato-basil sauce topped with a balsamic glaze

Fig Pizza


fig jam, Mozzarella Cheese, prosciutto, arugula and red onion

over pizza dough topped with balsamic glaze

Mojo Pork Pizza


pulled pork, red onion, jalapeños, bacon crumbles and Cheddar-Mozzarella blend

over tomato-basil sauce topped with a barbeque sauce drizzle

-P I Z Z A  T O P P I N G S-

Meat 2.00 each

Crumbled Bacon / Pepperoni


Vegetable 1.00 each

Peppers / Onions / Jalapeños / Mushrooms / Chopped Tomatoes





dinner entrées come with a choice of soup or salad

Baby Back Ribs

Half rack 26.95 / Full rack 35.95

dry-rubbed pork ribs covered in our tangy, rich barbecue sauce;

served with a side of slaw

14 oz New York Strip

Grilled or Blackened


cooked to order; served with sautéed broccoli and fries

Penne Pasta with Shrimp


penne pasta in an Asiago roasted red pepper cream sauce

with sautéed shrimp, red onion and arugula

Chicken Pot Pie


tender white, diced chicken with mixed vegetables* topped with a baked, flaky puff pastry

(*Mixed vegetables consist of peas, carrots, corn, lima beans, green beans, potatoes, onions and celery.

Sorry, but omissions to the list cannot be honored.)

Chicken Parmigiana


breaded chicken breast with tomato-basil sauce and Mozzarella;

served with pasta and tomato-basil sauce

Sizzling Fajitas (HOT!)

Chicken or Beef 25.95

with sautéed onions, bell peppers and spices;

served with a cold plate of shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese,

guacamole, salsa and sour cream; comes with flour tortillas on the side

(request corn tortillas for a gluten-free option)

House-Made Meatloaf Dinner


our classic, sliced meatloaf topped with mushroom-onion gravy

served with a side of smashed potatoes

-S I D E S-

House-Made Slaw 4.00 / Sautéed Mushrooms 4.00 / Rice Pilaf 4.00 /

Mashed Potatoes 5.00 / Broccoli Sautéed with Garlic or Steamed 5.00 /

Pasta with Tomato-Basil Sauce, Butter or Olive Oil 5.00

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