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Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub would like to thank you for your

patronage, dedication, and patience throughout the process of our expansion.

As this project is nearing completion, we can start planning our opening

and we want to keep you up-to-date with all the details.

Below you will find some answers to frequently asked questions.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions,

but we hope these address some of the major ones.

For the most up-to-date information, please follow our social media platforms

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What are your hours of operation?

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub is open 7 days a week from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm for food and the bar remains open to 12:00 am on week nights and 2:00 am on weekends.

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub is closed for dining three days out of the year: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. On all of these days, the Krogh's Bar (downstairs) opens from 5:00 pm to midnight.

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What information can you share about the Krogh's Nest?

The Krogh's Nest is open 7 days, weather permitting. For daily service, the Krogh's Nest opens at 4:00 pm during the weekdays and 12:00 pm on the weekends. The Krogh's Nest closes around 10:00 pm / 11:00 pm, respectively.

We ask that all guests be 21+ for enjoyment of the Krogh's Nest. No dogs are allowed at this time. All seats are first come, first served. Krogh's reserves the right to ask guests to move in order to accommodate other guests so that they, too, can enjoy the Krogh's Nest, to set limits for time or number of drinks to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all, and to refuse, limit, or deny the service of alcoholic beverages.

This season we will be offering some smaller items for food service in the Krogh's Nest.

The drink menu for the Krogh's Nest will be a limited offering of what we serve downstairs at the Krogh Bar. We will have a selection of Krogh's Flagship and seasonal beers, domestic beers, ciders, and cocktails. Not all of the items that are served in the Krogh Bar will be available in the Krogh's Nest, but you can rest assured that the drink menu will be well curated.

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Do you take reservations?

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub accepts reservations for lunch and dinner up to 30 days in advance via Open Table. Reservations for parties up to 8 guests can be made online. For parties larger than 8 guests, please call for accommodations. We do our best to honor all special requests for reservations such as specific tables, rooms, or locations. Reservations are limited, so please make them early. If you cannot make a reservation for your desired date and time, we have tables for walk-in parties as well. We are happy to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Please note that seating in our outdoor patio, the Krogh's Nest, and the Krogh bar are all on a first come, first served basis.

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Do you book private events?

Absolutely. Please see our private events page ( on the website for more information. There is also a form on that page to send us an inquiry. For more details, please feel free to reach us at

Both the Krogh's Nest and the Gallery dining room can be booked for private events. Seated events are up to 36 in the Gallery and 24 in the Krogh's Nest. We welcome larger parties as well.

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Do you offer outdoor dining?

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub offers a small outdoor dining space on the patio adjacent to the Gallery (new dining room). This space is accessed via the Gallery. The tables in this area are seated on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not taken for this space and seating in the space is weather dependent. We do allow well-behaved dogs.

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When does Krogh's offer live music?

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub features live music on Thursday and Friday evenings in the pub area in the Krogh Bar. We also offer private, ticketed shows on occasion featuring larger local, regional, and national acts.

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Can you accommodate alternative diets?

Yes. We offer some delicious vegetarian options and our menu can be modified to accommodate vegan, gluten free, and other alternative diets.

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Is Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub family-friendly?

Yes. We welcome the whole family. We have a wonderful staff who are great with kids, many of whom are parents themselves. To keep the kids occupied while they are waiting for their meals, we have coloring sheets and crayons. Our kids menu offers smaller portions of our favorite regular menu items but fit for a kids. Kids meals (reserved for 12 and under) include a free soft drink and a scoop and ice cream for dessert.

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Are dogs welcome?

Yes. Of course we allow service dogs when guests require. We welcome dogs as pets as well. We do not allow dogs inside the restaurant, but dogs are welcome on our patio. The patio is adjacent to the Gallery Dining room. Feel free to call in advance about availability, but seating in the patio is first come first served. Ask your server for a bowl of water when you arrive.

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