23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta, NJ 07871
23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta, NJ 07871

Very Important Guest: Reward Card

Enjoy what you’ve earned! This is our way of saying “thank you for choosing Krogh’s!”

Don’t just be a guest at Krogh's. Be a "Very Important Guest" (VIG) by joining our Rewards Club! It’s simple! It’s free! It’s FUN!

Ask to join our Rewards Club on your next visit to Krogh’s and we will issue you a Rewards Card. Just bring your Rewards Card with you each time you visit Krogh’s and watch your food and non-alcoholic beverage dollars add up! When you reach spending thresholds, you are entitled to rewards. We keep track of everything and your rewards print out automatically on your receipt after each visit, but we’ll let you know when a threshold has been met. Our current rewards are:

  • Spend $300.00, receive coupon for two free desserts
  • Spend $500.00, receive a $15.00 Krogh’s Gift Card
  • Spend $700.00, receive two Krogh’s pint glasses
  • Spend $900.00, receive a $20.00 Krogh’s Gift Card
  • Spend $1200.00, receive another $20.00 Krogh’s Gift Card
  • Spend $1800.00, receive Krogh’s gold “Wall of Fame” plaque -or- a $20.00 Krogh’s Gift Card
  • Every $500.00 thereafter, receive a $25.00 Krogh’s Gift Card


Kids are always welcome at Krogh's and they feel special when they join our For Kids Only Club! Kids get their own Rewards Card and every time your child comes to Krogh’s and enjoys a Kids' Meal, they earn points on your Rewards Card. After awhile, when the points add up, we let you know when it is time for you and your child to choose a $25.00 gift certificate to one of the following stores: Walmart / Modell’s Sporting Goods / Toys-R-Us

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