23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta, NJ 07871
23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta, NJ 07871

Ninety Years Anniversary Celebration!


If the walls of Krogh’s Restaurant and Brew Pub could talk, what a story they would tell! Originally built in 1927, the life of the Krogh’s building has spanned the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, the Depression, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Cold War, 9/11, and 23 Presidential Elections.

The exact date of construction is unknown, but it was there when Princess White Deer dedicated Lake Mohawk (below) and when the first waters spilled over the spillway on March 17, 1928.

Originally, the building was home to the Tea Room and Gift Shoppe (below). By the end of 1927, the Crane Company, builders of Lake Mohawk, had formed a rough plan for The Plaza with the lone tea room. They sold every business lot from the map at $40.00 per foot without a stake having been driven in the ground. Buyers had to imagine what The Plaza would look like, and they willingly bought the dream. It taxed the imagination, with an unfilled lake and unfinished roads, but under Arthur Crane and Herbert Closs’ direction, the marketing department worked tirelessly to promote Lake Mohawk. Since its beginning, White Deer Plaza has served as the commercial and social hub of the Reservation, and the building that Krogh’s calls home has been an integral center point for 90 years.

As the first commercial business in Lake Mohawk, the Tea Room and Gift Shoppe served food for visitors to the newly formed lake and sold trinkets for souvenirs. Sometime after this, it became known as the Seneca Shoppe and then the Sagamore Restaurant. 

This was the Prohibition era, so no alcohol was sold. The Seneca Shoppe offered lunch, afternoon tea, and dinners as well as candy and tobacco products. The Sagamore Restaurant served “food at its best” and later became known as the Sagamore Inn, serving lunch, dinner, and ice cream. The Sagamore Inn became the Carl Malmquist Restaurant after the end of Prohibition, providing a tavern and meeting place for locals and visitors to eat, drink, and socialize. Frede Krogh purchased the Malmquist Restaurant in 1937 and renamed it Krogh’s Restaurant and Tap Room. During the 1940s, Krogh’s featured the homemade cooking and desserts of Mrs. Krogh, and was known as one of the finest dining establishments in New Jersey. As time went on and Mrs. Krogh aged, she was unable to manage the kitchen and the food began to fade. The bar expanded, beginning the era known as the “rowdy Krogh Bar.” In 1973, Mrs. Krogh sold the restaurant to Ed & Alice King and George & Missy Dykstra. Under their ownership, the focus shifted back to the restaurant. In 1981, Bob Fuchs purchased the business and remains the owner of Krogh’s today. Bob hired Chef Carl David Cooper in August of 1982 and together they started the state-of-the-art brewery at Krogh’s in 1998, renaming it Krogh’s Restaurant and Brew Pub. For more pictures of Krogh's throughout the years, please click here.  

Over the years, Krogh’s has hosted countless celebrations and quiet family dinners, seen the passing of friends, witnessed proposals and brides in wedding dresses, cheered winning teams to victory, and provided a comfortable home for friends to gather.  

Written By: Holly Fiorella / Lake Mohawk Historic Committee

This year, 2017, marks the 90th anniversary of the building Krogh’s Restaurant & Brew Pub proudly calls home. The Lake Mohawk Historic Committee, in collaboration with Krogh’s, would like to honor this historic landmark built way back in 1927! Throughout the month of September, the Lake Mohawk Historic Committee and Krogh’s Restaurant & Brew Pub, will be hosting a month long celebration! Stay tuned for “History on Tap” every Tuesday in September from 6-8:00 pm where guest speakers and historical presentations will take place in the pub. The building was built in the Prohibition era so it only seems fitting to have a “bootlegger” beer on tap, too! A portion of sales from these events will be donated to the Historic Committee to help in their efforts in preserving and protecting the history of Lake Mohawk.


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